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Energy Manager’s Association (EMA) award for Net Zero Strategy 2021

We were honoured to win the EMA’s Net Zero Strategy 2021 award, recognising our ambitious plan to become net zero by 2030 as the best in the UK. This award puts us among the leading public and private sector organisations in the UK for sustainability.

The University’s Net Zero Carbon plan is wide ranging, including shifting buildings to carbon-free heating, cutting emissions from national and international business travel, and reducing waste and improving efficiency across the estate.

The judges highlighted the clear, comprehensive nature of the plan, including the clearly-defined milestones to help measure progress. This award gives us the confidence to know that we are heading in the right direction and hopefully shows leadership to other organisations by providing a template that others can follow in the race to Net Zero. University of Reading has a long history of successfully delivering its sustainability targets, and is now aiming to deliver at least 58% emission reductions by 2024.

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