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PODCAST – ‘How to be more sustainable and save money’

As part of our Green Festival 2022 celebrations we recorded our first very own sustainability podcast which is full of helpful tips on ways you can be more sustainable, saving money in the process.

Jackie Simpson, from Sustainability Services, and the University’s Director of Energy and Sustainability, Dan Fernbank, discuss simple actions to reduce waste, carbon emissions and be more sustainable at home and at University.

Some highlights include:

  • Switch all devices off as even things left on standby draw power.
  • Buy less things, question your purchase decisions and buy second hand wherever possible.
  • Run washing machines and dishwashers on full loads.
  • Have shorter showers to save both water and the cost of heating it.
  • Consider heating one room, rather than a whole house, as this will often be more cost effective.
  • Trying to walk or cycle wherever you can will save you money, and help you to stay fitter!

Listen to the full episode here:

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