Alternatives to Travel

Think before you travel. Do you really need to make that trip?

The most 'environmentally friendly' form of travel is generally not travelling at all! Substituting travel with technology can also save you time and money. If travel is necessary, consider using more sustainable modes e.g. take a train or bus instead of flying where possible.

Do you need to make that trip?

Please consider whether email, phone, videoconferencing or other substitute for travel may suffice instead? You can save yourself and your department time and money. Technology has improved greatly over the last few years, you can get everything you need from your desktop, but other facilities such as rooms for videoconferencing are available. Have you tried Office 365 or Teams at the University yet?

Check out the University's tips on How to set up and hold a conference call in Teams.

Working from home and flexible working

Working from home occasionally, helps to lower carbon emissions produced by travelling to work everyday. It also provides greater flexibility as well as many other benefits.

There are various options for flexible working at the University which of course will be role dependant.  Information from HR can be found here.

Some great examples of University staff working flexibly are provided here.

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