Travelling on University Business

It's important for the University to maintain it's excellent reputation and part of that involves national and international collaborations, conferences and working. For many staff at some point this is likely to involve travelling on University Business.

Emissions from flights are the only area of the University's carbon emissions that are increasing rather than decreasing. To help us address this please consider the following tips.

Avoid travelling

Go Eurostar

Fly economy

Use tech

Give us the info

Take the train

Consider alternatives


Think, is your journey actually necessary or would technology suffice? You can save yourself and your department time and money by using email, phone and online collaborations tools. Technology has improved greatly over the last few years, you can get everything you need from your desktop, but other facilities such as rooms for videoconferencing are available. Have you tried Office 365 and Skype for business at the University yet? We have.  Check out our tips on setting up a skype conference call here. See our 'alternatives to travel' page for updates on technology provided by the University, and link to IT Services, and flexible working group.

If you do need to make the journey, consider are there other options than flying?


Many European countries are now becoming more easily accessible through rail improvements, also helping to reduce journey times. These should be considered where applicable instead of flying however, we understand that it is often not viable to replace flights with trains.

UK Travel

For UK travel

If travelling by train know that split ticketing can save you money - one website to highlight the options for this is:

Handy links

When booking any travel remember to use our contracted travel bookers and follow the expenses policy.

Some handy links if you're looking to book travel on University Business: