In accordance with our University Travel Plan we encourage all University staff, students, contractors and visitors to consider alternative modes to single occupant private car when travelling to the University.

For those who do need to drive we have limited parking available as well as charging points for electric vehicles. This page outlines some options on offer from the University of Reading to help reduce the environmental impacts (and costs!) of your journey.

Co-wheels Car Club

Did you know you can hire a car from Whiteknights campus for periods from as little as 30 minutes by joining our Co-wheels car club scheme? Very handy for business trips during the working day or for students to explore the wider Reading area without needing your own car. Membership is free to University staff and students (when using a University of Reading email address to register), and you can even get between £10 and £25 worth of free driving credit when you sign up!

Our campus car is based at Dunsden Crescent in Park Group halls so it's ideal for students in halls to use, but open to all staff, students and the local community. Co-wheels also have further cars around Reading that members have access to onces they have signed up, including on Addington Road, near London Road campus.

Anyone with a year's clean driving licence can sign up as a member of Co-Wheels and hire the car by the hour. For more information see

Car Clubs are an excellent initiative where members can hire a car by the hour, minimising the need for people to own their own cars which spend more time parked than being driven, taking up valuable streetspace. Sign up to a car club today to give it a go.

Share your car Journey

Save petrol, travel with a friend!

The University of Reading is a member of Liftshare, an international scheme which helps to match up people doing similar journeys so they can travel together. It's not just about cars - you can also register walking, cycling and public transport journeys, whether you're looking for company for added safety on your journey, or just want someone to chat to! Car sharers can also share a University parking permit, giving you further cost savings.

Sign up at

It doesn't have to be a regular journey. You can look for one off journeys, journeys you do once a week, and journeys at times you don't think anyone else will be travelling. The more people that log their journeys, the more potential matches there are! You don't even need a car.

You can select whether you just want to include members of the University scheme to share with, or widen your search to include other Liftshare members too. There could be someone working at the hospital or in town who is your ideal match.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is available on Whiteknights Campus.

Two charging ports have been installed in SportsPark car park, with capacity to charge up to four vehicles at once.

To use the facilities, users will be required to sign up to the Polar network - membership is available on a monthly subscription or on a pay as you go basis (note that the pay as you go scheme carries an admin fee of £1.20 per charge). Electricity will be charged at 15p/kwh for both account types in order to cover the University's electricity costs.

Users will be able to charge their vehicles for a maximum of four hours per session, so that we may accommodate as many users as possible each day.

The standard parking policy for the SportsPark car park will continue to apply (University permit, or pay and display fee of £3 per day, up to 2 hours free).

Car Parking

Car and motorcycle parking is available on all our campuses to those with permits or visitor permits. Whiteknights campus has a pay and display car park (1a) for visitors or staff who only occasionally need to bring a car to campus. This car park is free for up to two hours (parking tickets still need to be collected), and £3 per day after that. 20 minute parking bays are available outside our main Whiteknights House and London Road Receptions for brief enquiries.

Parking Permits

All parking permits issued are a permit to hunt rather than a guarantee of a space. Please help the University be a good neighbour and only park on campus and do not block neighbouring residential streets. Visit the University parking permits information pages.

Staff parking

Parking permits are available to staff for a monthly fee, which is deducted from salary. Options for those who only occasionally need to park are available. For more information or to apply please see staff parking information pages.

Student parking

Students meeting strict eligibility criteria may purchase a parking permit. Student parking information pages.

Visitor parking

Visitors should be directed to the Pay and Display Car Park 1a. This is free for up to 2 hours, £3.10 per day afterwards. Alternatively the department you are visiting may arrange a visitor or contractor permit for you. For certain larger events separate parking will be arranged – please follow the instructions provided on the day. Further parking information for visitors.

Discounts on New Low Emission Vehicles

University staff can take advantage of the mycar salary sacrifice offer to purchase new low emission vehicles. This can help you buy a flashy new car that creates less of a negative impact on the environment through its emissions.

For more information please see HR's pages for more details.