Travel Plan and Monitoring

Travel Plan

Our latest University Travel Plan was approved by the Environment and Sustainability Committee in June 2017, with amended (increased) targets approved in December 2018. The Travel Plan sets out our plans for increasing sustainable travel and targets to 2022. It is extremely important that the University continues to set targets and make progress against them in order to minimise our impact on the local environment. Following improved calculation techniques in 2018 we established that our original target of 83% sustainable travel mode for commutes by 2022 had already been met. Accordingly adjustments to this target were approved in December 2018. Our headline target is now that we want to see 87% of travel to the University to be via sustainable modes of travel (not single occupant vehicle - SOV). More detail can be found in the Travel Plan. It includes an Action Plan for the 5 year period. It is monitored by the biannual travel survey, but we're working on other methods of monitoring.

UOR Travel Plan 2017-2022.

Travel Survey

The University conducts a survey of staff and student travel every two years. This is both to monitor progress against the Travel Plan targets, and to identify what improvements staff and students would like to see to ease their journey to campus.

The 2022 Travel Survey was conducted during January 2022 - a massive thank you to all the people who supported the delivery of the survey and all the staff and students that completed it. Analysis of the results is underway and results will be available in due course. The 2020 survey report is available via the link below.

Travel Survey 2020 results report

Travel Plan Annual Report 2020-21

Here are just some of the improvements that have been made as a direct result of the feedback you have provided in these surveys:

  • Completing installation of EV chargepoints at Greenlands
  • Improving ‘shared space’ between cyclists and pedestrians to widen path on Black Bridge - Bridges Hall
  • Widening of the shared path from Car Park 3 passed Childs Hall
  • Pathway improvements from Eat @ Square to Chemistry
  • Widening of the shared path between RUSU and Black Bridge
  • Widening of the shared path between Friends Bridge and Hopkins
  • Widening of the shared path between Agriculture, Meteorology and Friends Bridge to allow more space for cyclists and pedestrians to share.
  • Installation of new lockable cycle parking shelters outside Chemistry, RUSU, Agriculture and Harbourne builings
  • Additional sheltered cycle parking on all three main campuses.
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