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Why not Cycle2Work?

As a regular cyclist, buying a new bike through the University’s Cycle2Work scheme has always seemed tempting, yet I never quite got round to it. Until now that is, and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it years ago!

The University’s sustainable travel pages were a handy starting point, pointing straight to the relevant HR page that explains the scheme further. The scheme is run through Halfords, and I was pleased to see there were a number of potential options with local independent shops too.

The scheme is really straightforward – you just need to decide how much you want to spend and then order a voucher (called a “Letter of Collection”) for that value. I was a little unsure what would happen if I order a voucher for more than the value of my chosen bike, but the guys at Cycle Republic helpfully explained this wasn’t an issue; you only end up repaying the amount you initially spent.

So on the Tuesday, I ordered my Letter of Collection and went into Cycle Republic to order my new bike and a good lock, repair equipment etc. that can be included in the scheme. By Thursday, my shiny new bike had arrived, the store had given it the once over and it was ready to go!

It really was that simple – the 12 monthly deductions from my salary have begun automatically without needing to do anything further; and I’ve saved ‘up to 42%’ on the price of a new bike according to the website!

Of course I’ve been a bit reluctant to part company with my trusty old bike, but I didn’t want it to rust away in the garage, so have donated it to RUSU’s Unicycle scheme for them to give it a service and hire it out to a student for the year.

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