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How to keep your bike secure


Bicycle thefts, attempted thefts and damages are a nationwide issue, and our campuses are unfortunately not exempt.

We continually work to improve security around our cycle parking to ensure that cycling remains an attractive, safe and viable option for our staff, students and visitors.



What do we do already?

  • Thousands of cycle parking spaces, including secure cycle compounds across Whiteknights campus and at various Halls;
  • Our Security team actively works to tackle cycle thefts through ‘Operation Velo’;
  • We offer free bicycle security labels and discounted bike locks (available from the Security window at Whiteknights House);
  • Our weekly Dr Bike and cycle training, run in partnership with Avanti Cycles, provides great on-the-spot advice on cycle security, including tips on how to properly secure your bicycle.

What are we doing to improve cycle security?

  • We have a live project with a significant budget to improve cycle security across our campuses. This will involve providing more physical cycle stores which are locked, and available for only staff and students. We will provide further updates as we move through this project;
  • We are asking for your feedback through our biennial travel survey which will be launched on 10th January 2024. Look out for the survey through our promotion events across each campus
  • We are working with the Security team on Operation Velo to track and record cycle thefts and attempted thefts. The data we gather helps us to keep abreast of trends and hotspots, allowing us to plan targeted improvements.

What can you do in the meantime

Know your bike!

  • Record your bike frame number so that it can be traced if stolen. If you do not know where to find this, call into the security window at Whiteknights House to ask for assistance.
  • Keep a copy of your purchase receipt so that you have proof of ownership.
  • Get a free security label to mark your postcode and house number from the Security Window in Whiteknights House;
  • Register your bike on the national database This is the database that the Police will check in the event of bicycles being stolen and then recovered.
  • Take out insurance. Do this at the time of purchasing the bike, otherwise you may not get around to it.
  • Take a clear photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description, including any unique features, so that you can report it accurately if stolen.

Store and Lock your Bike

  • Secure your bike in a secure cycle compound to reduce the chance of it being stolen. Take your Campus ID card to the Security Window in Whiteknights house to gain access. See the ‘Secure your cycle in our compounds’ section on our website for more information.
  • Use a good bike lock; ideally one that is rated for at least Silver or Gold level by Soldsecure. Discounted locks are available to purchase from the Security Window in Whiteknights House;
  • Lock your bike properly. Use one lock to secure the front wheel and the frame, and a second to secure the rear wheel and the frame. Whilst no lock is 100% secure, using two locks in the correct way helps to reduce the chance of a thief attempting to steal your bike, preferring instead to look for an easier target.
  • Make the lock(s) hard to manoeuvre when parked to stop thieves from smashing it open – keep it away from the ground, keep the gap between the bike and the lock as small as possible.

If your bike does get stolen, report it to the police and inform security with the details. When speaking to the police, you will need to ask for the crime reference number as this will be useful when making a claim on your insurance.

Rather than buying and bring an expensive bike to the University, you can hire a second hand one through our University scheme. E-mail Karen Robertson for more details

If you see anyone acting suspiciously around bikes on campus (or anywhere on campus) please call security on 0118 378 6300 for emergencies, or for general enquiries 0118 378 7799.



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