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Cycling to Safety!

Over 300 new and experienced cyclists have benefited from the Cycle Safety Project which has been run at the University by training experts Avanti Cycling in conjunction with Sustainability Services.

Over 70 different events have been held; attracting staff and students to take part in a range of activities from cycle based training; maintenance sessions; ride leader workshops and various awareness events – including “light up campus” giving away bike lights to encourage all cyclists to be seen.

Cycle based training has helped beginners learn to ride; developing others confidence and improved road skills of regular commuters. A number of complete beginners have now progressed, gaining enough confidence to cycle to work which is a great success. Many others are now more confident on roads and some have taken ride leader workshops so they can go on and help others.

We have checked and fixed over 100 bikes at maintenance sessions run by Dr Bike and Reading Bike Kitchen adding to the project’s overall impact.

Carrying on in all weather – snow, rain and sunshine haven’t stopped the enthusiasm of participants! 

And its great news that we will be continuing the programme into 2018/19 academic year – Keep an eye on here for upcoming programme and please do help spread the word.  

Training is carrying on for staff during summer sessions arranged on request. For more information please contact


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