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Cycle Light Up 2018

You may have seen us dotted around campus some evenings over the last few weeks (since the clocks changed) lit up like Christmas Trees. No we haven't been celebrating Christmas early, rather we've been out with a more serious message of encouraging cyclists to use lights!

It's really important that cyclists use lights whether on or off campus.

  • On the shared paths on campus, pedestrians and other cyclists can't see you without lights, so you're risking hitting them, or at least making everyone's journey uncomfortable with near misses.
  • For your own safety when cycling on roads so that drivers can see you to avoid you
  • It's a legal requirement in the UK and you could get a £50 fine.

Our main light up event was on Thursday 15 November as part of the Green Festival where we managed to cover most of central Whiteknights campus. We were actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of cyclists who already had lights. Keep up the great work.

If you know anyone who doesn't have lights, or yours break, remember you can buy a set for only £7 from the Security Window in Whiteknights House or via their online shop. Alternatively those attending our cycle training sessions will receive a free set of emergency lights for taking part.

A massive thank you to our bright team of volunteers for enabling us to cover more areas of campus.

For more tips on safe cycling see here.

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