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Do you really need a car?

The University is committed to increasing the uptake of more sustainable travel methods to and from campus. There are many great reasons for you to not bring a car, including all the great travel offers.

As a University of Reading staff or student, you don’t need a car in Reading because:

  • Bus routes 21/21a operate every 7 mins and serves both Whiteknights and London Road campuses
  • Cycle hire and lessons. Improve your confidence and skills at free weekly cycle skills sessions. Cycle maintenance tools (including pumps) are available from the Chaplaincy and Security from Whiteknights campus.
  • Excellent trains, including season ticket loans and discounts available for staff
  • Car club hire on campus. Hire a car by the hour with Co-wheels
  • Walking distance in to town
  • Get fit cycling and walking

But sometimes it’s not possible:

“I live far away – I can’t walk to work!”
We aim to make sustainable travel the default option, but we do understand that this is not always possible. We are particularly keen to encourage those who have alternatives available to them.
Alternatively, have you considered car sharing? Find out more here.

“I need my car to travel for work”
Co-wheels is a car-hire club where you can hire a car by the hour. This is ideal for your short business trips. Due to popular request, we are looking at opening a new car space near Northcourt Halls.

“I don’t know what travel offers are available to me?”
Click here to find out all the travel offers available to you. This list is regularly updated and includes rail discounts, co-wheels credit and discounted bus rates.

For more information, visit

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