Do you have University equipment that is in good condition and still working, but is now unwanted?  Already tried offering it to other Schools and Functions (through Warp-it or other methods), but haven't found a new home?  Please consider whether the University's equipment reseller, UniGreenScheme, could collect it and re-home it.

How does it work?

What sort of items are suitable for re-sale through UniGreenScheme?

UniGreenScheme are interested in a range of equipment and items from catering/lab/maintenance/sports equipment to office consumables, as well as more unusual items such as technical models or specialist furniture.

Items need to be in working condition, although some broken items may be suitable for re-sale for spare parts on a case-by-case basis.  Even equipment that may have been superseded by newer models at the University may be suitable for re-use elsewhere through UniGreenScheme!  UniGreenScheme have published a useful guide which contains more detailed information and lists the types of items that they will take.  They cannot take data-holding equipment (e.g. PCs) as these need to be disposed of securely.  UniGreenScheme also have an online shop which gives a good idea of the types of items they are interested in.  In some cases, UniGreenScheme may also be able to assist with disassembling bulky equipment to enable collection.

How much will I receive back?

UniGreenScheme operate on a profit-share basis.  If no profit is made from the sale, they guarantee that no charges will be made to the University.  Where a profit is made, you receive an equal share of the proceeds after management costs (e.g. collection and processing).  For example: if a microscope was sold for £200 and there were £50 of management costs, the profit from the sale would be £150.  You would receive an equal share of this at £75.

Can my space be cleared quickly?

Absolutely.  UniGreenScheme collect items and store them off-site whilst they are awaiting sale, which means that you don't have to!  This helps to free up valuable storage space at the University.  UniGreenScheme will also collect items in-situ when requested, meaning that you do not need to double-handle items by moving them elsewhere before collection takes place.

How to make a booking

Check if UniGreenScheme can re-sell your item.

Email info@unigreenscheme.co.uk to find out, or contact them via their website here.  In some cases, they are able to help with expected guide resale prices, but please note these are not guaranteed as they depend on current market conditions.

Get the correct permission to resell.

You will need to ensure that you get permission from your Head of School/Department to send items to UniGreenScheme.  You will also need to get permission from Procurement and Finance.  Sustainability Services are currently working with Procurement to draw together a list of item types which have been "pre-approved" by the Director of Procurement and the Director of Finance for re-sale specifically via UniGreenScheme.  Until this list has been finalised, you will need to ensure you have contacted Procurement for assistance in obtaining these permissions.

Complete the booking form.

The form is available here - any questions contact waste@reading.ac.uk.

How will I receive payment for items when they are sold?

UniGreenScheme will send you a credit note once items are sold - once received, contact your finance administrator for assistance in processing this.

What if I have already found another organisation to pass the equipment on to?

This is not a problem - simply contact Procurement to discuss getting permission for releasing University equipment to the third-party organisation.

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