The University took out a licence to Gradescope (part of the Turnitin suite of products) in February 2021.

The key features of Gradescope are

  • Enables efficient online marking of scanned handwritten work:
    this applies mostly to assessments requiring the use of mathematical or scientific notation, but also some modern languages assessments.
  • Supports timed assessments:
    for example an exam can be made available for 23 hours, but must be completed within 2 hours once started.

It was available for use in Summer 2021 online exams, where certain criteria were met. It can now be used for coursework assessment, again subject to modules meeting certain criteria. Please log a Service Desk ticket for details.

Criteria for use of Gradescope

Summer 2021 exams and resit periods

In 2021, Gradescope was available for use for 23-hour online exams where:

  1. Students are required to submit work which is wholly or largely handwritten and,
  2. There is a clear need to impose a time limit in order to preserve the academic integrity of the assessment.

Eligible exams were identified by Exams Officers and School Directors of Teaching & Learning, subject to approval by a Teaching & Learning Dean.

Coursework 2021/2022

Please log a Service Desk ticket to register an interest in using Gradescope for coursework.

Guides on the use of Gradescope

Gradescope provide comprehensive help materials at

At Reading, Gradescope is integrated into Blackboard (similar to the integration between Blackboard and Turnitin).
On courses where Gradescope use has been approved, both staff and students should access Gradescope via Blackboard.

Setting up Gradescope in a course

Enabling Gradescope in a Blackboard course

Add a Gradescope link in your course

Sync the Roster

Setting up a Gradescope assignment

Create an assignment Outline

Giving students extra time

Gradescope: How time limits work

Submitting to Gradescope

How students submit work

Submitting on behalf of a student

Marking and Moderation

Set up a marking rubric

Set up your rubric in advance

Copying Rubrics

Mark submitted work

Providing access for external examiners

Guide for external examiners

Managing marks and feedback

Review grades

Manage marks and feedback – including sending grades to Blackboard

Student help guides

Student guides on Gradescope

Includes video tutorials on scanning and submitting to Gradescope