Teams recordings are no longer saved in Stream Classic. Instead they are saved in Stream (on SharePoint). Recordings can be accessed via “Recordings” folder (automatically created after first recording) in OneDrive or within a Teams Channel depending on how the meeting was created. By default recording are set to expire after 90 days.

This index provides guidance for Teaching and Learning using Microsoft (MS) Teams meetings

For a comparison of Teams meetings and Blackboard Collaborate, see What webinar platform should I use? 

  • ‘Team meetings’ are provided by Digital Technology Services, see the DTS hub to get started and direct queries to the Service Desk.
  • Some of the following links point to Microsoft’s own Teams help & learning guides. In some cases, features listed on the official Microsoft support site may not currently be available for university accounts.
  • Microsoft is frequently improving ‘Teams meetings’ and ‘Teams‘, so the exact functionality described in our own guides may have changed. If you spot guides which need to be updated, please alert us by logging a Service Desk ticket.

Page last updated on August 10, 2022 by Asif Muhammad

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