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New lift share tool has now been launched

We’re pleased to announce that we have launched an exciting new lift share tool. This forms part of the Doing #UoRBit platform, allowing you to earn Green Points simply by lift sharing. Every month there is the chance to win a £20 voucher for those users who have earned the most Green Points!

The lift share tool allows you to connect with other Doing #UoRBit users who would like to share their commute – whether it be by car, public transport, cycling or walking. The tool is easy to use – you can add a new route to share the details of your commute and let others know the type of transport, days, times and location of your route. The more routes that are shared, the more powerful the platform will become – as a reward you will get 300 Green Points. It also allows you to search a map to find available routes close to you. Keep checking back regularly as new routes will be added all the time.

Lift sharing is a great way to save money, lower carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, make new friends and earn Green Points. In September 2022 we will be offering double Green Points to anyone adding a route. We have also produced a short demonstration video to show how to use the tool. Sign up today!

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