Sustainable Travel

Welcome to the University sustainable travel pages. We are passionate about enabling every staff member, student and visitor to travel to and around our beautiful campuses in an environmentally friendly, safe and convenient manner. This page contains all of the information, offers and tips to help you make sustainable travel choices.

The information on this page has been structured around the carbon travel hierarchy, which ranks travel methods in order of sustainability. The hierarchy acts as a helpful tool to consider the impact of travel decisions and consider any suitable alternatives. Follow the links below for offers, events and information to help travel become more sustainable.

Alternatives to travel

In a post-pandemic world, there are now a number of ways in which we can study and work without the need to travel at all. These methods are not only the least carbon-intensive, but can also be more convenient, provide a better work-life balance and save money! Click here for more information.

Walking or wheeling

When you do have to make a journey somewhere, do doing so on two legs or a wheelchair, known as 'active travel' methods, are the most sustainable forms of transport. Click here to find out how to get to the university and guidance on how to stay safe and be responsible while enjoying our beautiful campus.


Cycling is only considered slightly lower than walking on the carbon travel hierarchy because it requires equipment. It is still one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport. Click here to find out here how you can stay safe and green when travelling to and around our campus.

Bus travel

Taking advantage of Reading's great transport links to travel to and from campus is a sustainable alternative to private transport. By sharing a vehicle with others, you can not only reduce carbon emissions but also the amount of congestion on our roads and the amount of local air pollution. Click here to Find out about local bus routes, fares and offers.

Train travel

The university is just a 10 minute bus journey or 30 minute walk from Reading Station. A major transport hub, the station allows easy access to rail travel across the country. Click here to find out here about rail offers, route planning and other news.

Driving to the university

If you are using a personal vehicle to travel to the university campus, we want all staff, students and visitors to know how to make your journey as sustainable as possible. Click here for information on routes, parking and schemes.

Travelling further afield

We're doing everything we can to make it easy for you to choose sustainable modes of travel. Let us know if there's something more we can do.

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