A screenshot from the Maths Support webpage

The Library provides a wide range of e-resources to support your students’ mathematical and statistical skills development.

Academic Tutors supporting students (whose main subject of study is neither mathematics nor statistics) should direct students to the Library’s Maths Support resources guide. The Library is unable to offer in person Maths Support, e.g. one to ones, drop-ins, small group sessions or workshops.

The Maths Support guide draws together a wealth of existing resources (links to recommended e-resources (such as Integral for HE), websites, and appropriate resources on LinkedIn Learning including Excel, SPSS, R and Minitab tutorials). https://libguides.reading.ac.uk/maths-support

Additionally, the Library subscribes to Integral for Higher Education, designed to support undergraduates to build a solid maths foundation. Students wishing to access this resource should email eresourceshelp@reading.ac.uk requesting an individual account for this resource.  This short (4 min) video provides an overview of how Integral can support students: Integral for HE: Quick start and tour video