We support students and graduates in the development of their career identity, identification of their aspirations and realisation of them through providing opportunities and support to develop their employability.

Our staff include Careers Consultants, Placement Coordinators, staff who run our many schemes such as RED, UROP, Thrive and the Reading Internship Scheme and further staff who build our relationships with employers, organise our many events, support our social media and webpages, manage our careers data and those who help students to navigate our range of services when they first engage with us.  Henley Business School have separate provision.

It is vital that students begin to engage with Careers in their first year to give them the best chance to secure the role they aspire to after graduation. Our role is to help them work out what those aspirations are and to enable them to develop and promote themselves to secure them. Academic Tutors play a vital role in encouraging and referring students so they develop professionally.

To find out more take a look at our ‘Supporting Student Professional Development: Academic Tutors’ video and head to the pages that define your role in relation to careers and employability to access further resources including:

You can also learn more about our services through the Essential pages and by keeping in touch with us via Social Media.

Supporting Academic Tutors

There is dedicated Careers Consultant for each School and department across the University. To identify your appropriate link contact the following:

For Careers queries: For Careers queries: Graham Philpott: Head of Careers Consultancy, g.philpott@reading.ac.uk, 0118 378 4372 or email Careers@reading.ac.uk