As an Academic Tutor part of your role is to encourage your students to get the most out of their time at university, and to help make sure that they are able to cope with the demands placed on them. The NHS resource “5 steps to mental wellbeing” is a very useful guide that you could share with your students in order to help them improve their mental wellbeing and resilience. It may also help you!



As a tutor you are also in a good position to help your students identify any problems they may be having, and encourage them to think about how to deal with them. There are many services within the University that you can direct or refer your students to for help with personal or practical issues (click on the links below). Students can also be directed to the Student Wellness Check, which will help them identify what support they might need.

You could also direct your students to the “Looking after Yourself” booklet – a guide to health and wellbeing at University – and to the series of Wellbeing videos and Wellbeing guides on the Essentials pages. These cover topics such as settling in, reducing anxiety and stress, sleep, and leaving the university.