This one-page quick guide shows what to do if you have a serious concern about a student. Although most students settle into university very well and have a trouble free time, colleagues all across the University can occasionally be faced with a student in a difficult, distressing or even dangerous situation. The routes identified in this guide can be used by any staff: e.g. academic tutors, SDATs, student support colleagues, administrators, campus jobs, library staff, catering staff, security teams, cleaners and even UPP colleagues.


Click on the image to download a copy. It is designed so you can print it out and stick it on the wall and/or keep as a digital copy on your desktop or phone.




This flowchart shows what to do if you are concerned that a student appears distressed, is behaving differently from usual, or may pose a threat to themselves or others. You can download a copy by clicking on the image.

Information about how to recognise and support students who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts can also be found on the HR Wellbeing pages.



Follow the links below for further information about what to do in emergency situations:

Students in crisis

Safety and Security


If you are concerned about someone’s welfare and think they need support, please encourage them to use the Student Wellness Check or come in to see the Welfare team. You can call them on 0118 378 4777. If they are living in halls, you can also contact the relevant Hall Warden via the Halls Hotline: 0800 029 1984  The teams will always act upon concerns raised although sometimes we are unable to speak to you about concerns you have raised due to confidentiality.

The Notification of Concern form can be used if you have concerns about a student, and would like the Student Welfare Team to be involved. This is not to be used in time-critical situations – as it says on the form, it is a reporting form not a request for immediate action or any means of alerting the University to an emergency situation. Full instructions on how to use the form and where to send it can be found on the form itself.