As an Academic Tutor, you are expected to:

  • Invite students to meet at least once a term (twice in Autumn term for Part 1), and arrange the meetings.
  • Help students reflect on their academic progress and personal and professional development – discuss work, feedback & marks (using the Student Progress Dashboard (SPD), and submodular mark screens on RISIS), attendance, careers etc.
  • Actively encourage engagement of all your tutees.
  • Get to know them as individuals to enable you to write references.

You should work in partnership with your students

Students are active partners in their learning and development at the University of Reading. Students work in partnership with their tutor to support their academic, personal and professional development. The Student Charter provides a helpful summary of the expectations staff have of students at Reading. The list below captures those most relevant to academic tutoring. The University expects students to:

  • Work hard at their studies and to be active partners in shaping their experience of Higher Education.
  • Seek out opportunities to enhance their understanding and to develop practical and intellectual skill.
  • Take advantage of the wealth of activities (social and developmental) provided by the University and Reading University Students’ Union (RUSU).
  • Be pro-active in managing their learning and in seeking help when needed. Keep appointments and to communicate with staff in a timely and courteous manner.

What do students expect of their Academic Tutor?

The Essentials webpages  give students information about the role of their Academic Tutor, what to expect from their tutor, and how to get the most out of tutor meetings.

As an Academic Tutor, you are responsible for providing support across the following themes at appropriate points in the student journey:



You are not responsible for: