Your role involves:

  • helping students to reflect on their academic progress to date using tools such as the submodular mark screens on RISIS and the Student Progress Dashboard
  • working with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to academic study skills
  • encouraging students to develop their study skills through Academic Support Services (e.g. Study Advice, Liaison Librarians, Maths Support, English Language Support etc)
  • helping students make decisions in relation to their course and to connect with other academics in their field of study


What to do if a student tells you they want to suspend/withdraw.

We suggest you follow up with an email, saying something like:

“When we met on (date) you mentioned that  you were thinking of asking to suspend or maybe of withdrawing. Just so you have the information you need on this/these please see the following Essentials page/s, with guidance and a link to the relevant form to complete:


Withdrawing from study”

You can adapt the message to make it relevant to what the student has said, re suspension/withdrawal. Please copy in the SSC and your DAT.

Be aware that many students change their mind about suspending so you should not assume that a student has suspended until their status changes on the RISIS Tutor card. It is particularly important not to assume that absence/lack of engagement is due to suspension if their status remains as ‘current’ on RISIS.


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